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Maker Leapfrog 

10 Apr 2018 by Inventor Newton E. [Newt] Ball


Concept - Invention is easy.  Development of an invention into a useful product, suitable for production, is a long slow arduous task.  Companies, already producing a product, tend to oppose any radical reform of their industries, and to confine changes to evolution, not revolution.  This website will reveal a series of revolutionary inventions that are placed into open Wiki development by their inventor.  The hope is that Makers in the second world will assemble and test prototypes, using designs, and to some extent, parts and kits of parts, furnished by Orbic Energy Conversion, a proprietorship of Inventor Ball.  In all cases these inventions represent concepts that are new to their respective industries.  They are outside the, thought confining, silos inhabited by the engineering departments of present day production companies.


Scope - At April 2018, Six inventions will be described, over the next few months.  Illustrative figures are below.



Axial Wind - The Tension Fan






Positive Displacement Hydro



Human Powered Battery Charger






Wind Power - An Array of Cross-Wind Tractor Kites




The DC Transformer





Roller Gearing