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 References - Index  ref-index

          Units and Formulas for Magnetic Design - SI   uniform_si  

       Units and Formulas for Magnetic Design - Gaussian           uniform_gauss

   Other sites on related subjects   -   Links                                                                               

     Second Decade Electromagnetics [SDE] -  The breakthrough   Second Decade 

         Passive Components using Ferrite Core Shapes -   Passive 

        Mogen [Motor, Generator, or Motor-Generator] Index -   Mogen 

            Two Phase Axial Flux Motor for Dyno Kit Test Bed  -  Axial

                    Graphical Analysis -   Graphical

                          Axial Motor Math - Axial Math

                      More axial math  -  Volumes, Weights, Losses  - Axial Size  

              Two Phase Radial Flux Motor Introduction - Radial Intro

                       Radial Motor Shape -  Radial Shape

                   Graphical Analysis -   Graphical

                    Radial Motor Math -  Radial Math    

                    More Radial Math - Volumes, Weights, Losses - Radial Size

               Comparisons of Second Decade Two Phase Mogen with available machines - Comparisons

          Actuators - Actuators

        The Fully Electric Car - Fully_Electric


        The Key Claims

          Energy Saving Pitch

          Weight Saving Pitch

          Cost Saving Pitch

          Pitches for Financial Support

         SDE applied to Mogen 

         SDE applied to Inductors, Coupled Inductors, and Transformers.


     Cell balancing for a series connection of cells - The Virtual Parallel Connection.  Intro Page

    Cell balancing for batteries -  Batteries

              Battery applications - Battery Aps     

    Cell balancing for photovoltaic solar panels.  -  Panels    

         Solar applications - Solar Aps  



DC vs. Power Frequency AC

     The Reversible link.