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Index of References

Revised 02 Dec 2018

Earliest reference - Units and Formulas for Magnetic Design in legacy, so-called Practical Units.  This system mixes English inches and feet with Gaussian [CGS] magnetic units. "Uniform" is a title abbreviation for "Units and Formulas".  The page carries the heading "Magnetic Design Cheat Sheet" from when it was compiled by inventor Newton E. [Newt] Ball, several decades ago. 

  Uniform Practical

Second reference - Units and Formulas for Magnetic Design SI, translated from  first reference, above about 2010.  This list uses digits in parentheses (3) to allow references to these formulas, in other writings on the website.  Readers are advised to print out this page, for ready reference, when reading derivations, and explanations.   Uniform_SI  

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