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                                               Three Disk Pump
                                                                         Started Dec 2018

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Summary -  This is a mechanism with four moving parts. Three of the parts are identical disks, to be made from spring temper brass, steel, or carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The fourth moving part is a rotor with a shaft at one end, and three slots through the center line. There is a fixed case in two parts, upper and lower. The case has a cavity, shaped to always be in contact with all three disks, as they travel in a particular motion, described in the specification. The disks act as valves, and as impellers, resulting in a pump with positive displacement, with very little ripple in the flow rate. Alternatively, the mechanism is a hydraulic motor, with nearly constant rotational speed, when flow rate is constant.  


Overall View -
Upper and lower case parts have a different color.  The disks are completely hidden.  Only a portion of the rotor's shaft protrudes.



View With Upper Case Removed - Any disk moves only through it's slot in the rotor. With a rotor advance through 60 degrees, each disk has advanced to the next shown position.  With three such advances, each disk has returned to it's original position, but has the opposite face forward.



View with Rotor Removed - The right hand two disks are in the valving position.  Between the two disks, and the two case parts, the working chamber is momentarily sealed, at this rotation.




Positive Displacement Action  - Before the sealed moment in the rotation, The working chamber is open to the inlet port.  After the sealed moment, the chamber is open to the outlet port.  Thus the flow is continuous, and nearly constant.